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PaymentSelectSM is the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution for higher education institutions large and small.  PaymentSelect not only allows you to process on-line and in-person payments across your entire campus,  it allows you to do that through ONE payment partner.  No need for additional payment vendors and  additional costs associated with those vendors.

Become One with Your Payment Process. Payment processing can be confusing.   Credit cards, PIN debit, non-PIN debit, prepaid cards, electronic check, mobile, direct deposit, on-line, in-person, virtual terminals -- the list goes on and on.  Not only do you have to know and understand all of these payment types, you need to know and understand each  payment gateway and processor for each department across your entire campus.  And, with more payment methods and payment types comes more security requirements.  Get untangled from the payment processing web and simplify payments across your entire campus with the industry's trusted partner for over 40 years.  Heartland ECSI is your cost-effective, simple, secure way to manage the payment process across your entire campus for every department for every payment type!

Payment Processing Costs

Our “One Payment Provider” business model can help you lower your costs for payment processing.  Here’s how:
√     We Are Both the Payment Gateway and the Payment Processor.   In a typical payment transaction,you have a payment gateway provider and a different payment processing provider. Two providers equal two fees to the school. Since we are both the gateway and processor, you can eliminate your existing payment gateway and those costly gateway fees.
√     Easy-to-Understand Statements.  Our easy-to-understand statements let you track deposits, charge-backs, and have complete control over your transactions.  All of our schools know exactly what they are paying in fees.  Why shouldn’t they?
√     Easy-to-Use Administrative Tools. We know how important it is to have all of your payment data at your fingertips.  You need not be concerned about the payment method or payment type.  We provide you simple administrative tools that allow you to manage in-person and on-line payments regardless of the payment method.
√     Durbin Dollars. Are you sure your current processor is passing on the savings?  Since the Durbin amendment went into effect on October  1, 2011, Heartland has delivered more than $650 million in savings to merchants.   We are doing the right thing and passing on the Durbin savings to schools so that they can reinvest that money back into their institutions.


Heartland ECSI can help.  With Heartland SecureTM, you can rest easy when we are managing your payment process.
PCI Compliance.  To underscore our commitment to the security and compliance of payment processing, Heartland is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and a member of the PCI Security Standards Council—a global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.  In addition to our affiliations, Heartland is also a PCI Level one (1) certified solution provider.
Heartland monitors the transaction volume for all merchants to identify the PCI DSS compliance level. For the Level 1 and Level 2 merchants who are required to complete the Report on Compliance (ROC), Heartland provides monitoring and reminders, applies for extensions as applicable and serves as the liaison between the merchant and the brands. For our small and medium business customers, we recommend that you download and enact what is required for you to be PCI compliant.
The Tokenization Process
After processing a credit or debit card transaction, the data is sent to Heartland who authorizes the transaction and returns a token, which replaces sensitive card holder data with a surrogate value that cannot be mathematically reversed or “decrypted” to expose the card holder number; the token can then be stored in the POS/PMS system for use at a later time (i.e. folio billing at a hotel, recurring billing such as monthly insurance installments, etc.). Tokens can be generated in various formats, one of which is a format-preserving token (FPT) that matches formatting characteristics of card holder’s account number (i.e. 15-digit token for AMEX, 16-digit for Visa, MC, Discover). The original account information that is associated with the token is stored in Heartland’s Data Vault where it is safe from would-be hackers.
End to End Encryption
The authorization process—initiated when the card is read at a terminal or card number is key entered then passed through the merchant’s network to Heartland for authorization—is a crucial stage in the payment transaction process and one that can be protected through end-to-end encryption.
Unlike point-to-point encryption, end-to-end encryption is direct to Heartland so there are no additional points in the transaction where the data is decrypted before being passed to Heartland, minimizing the opportunities for compromise by hackers and criminals.  Terminals and customer card entry devices with the end-to-end encryption label feature a tamper-resistant security module, so that the device can’t be converted into a skimming device. Unlike less secure solutions that solely rely on hardware or software encryption, end-to-end encryption provides protection in both hardware and software to ensure sensitive information is useless to would-be hackers.
NEVER PAY MORE TO BE SECURE.  We believe so strongly in the ability of end-to-end encryption to protect card holder data that, as stated in Heartland’s end-to-end encryption warranty, we will reimburse you for any breach-related fines and forensic fees should transactions protected by end-to-end encryption be breached.


Heartland ECSI provides a wide variety of reporting that allows you to quickly and easily know the status of your payments, reconcile payments and funding, view interchange fees, and so much more.

EasyPath, Heartland ECSI's on-line payment portal, provides reports in two general categories -- Client Reports and System Reports.  Client reports can be run real-time and can be downloaded into an Excel XLS or CSV format.  System reports are generated during standard processing times and made available in the standard reports module of EasyPath.

Client Reports include reports such as Payment Activity, Transfer of Funds, and Pending Payments.  All reports will allow you to view and manage your payment activity (regardless of payment type), reconcile funds between accounts, view future scheduled payments for revenue projection, and manage your payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

System Reports include reports such as Banking Transfers and any report where processes are completed via batch.  These reports allow you to view detail including regularity of funds, delays in funding, transaction detail, escrow transfer cycles, and payment status.

InfoCentral, Heartland's payment processing reporting tool, provides merchants with the ability to access processing detail 24/7, 365 days per year.  Reports can be generated based on individual merchant accounts, or if you have multiple merchant accounts, they can be chained together in the reports.

Payment processing reports available via InfoCentral are defined in multiple categories including Card Type Chain Reports, Funding Chain Reports, Qualification Reports, Chain Recap Reports, Card Type for Individual Merchant Reports, Funding for Individual Merchant Reports, Qualification for Individual Merchant Reports, Individual Merchant Recap Reports, Gifts and Rewards Reports, and Transaction Information Requests Process Reports


Heartland ECSI prides itself in outstanding customer service and performance for its partners. It’s more than just fixing a problem; it is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior customer experience each and every time.

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