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Riley G. | Suffolk University

Alex B. | Duquesne University

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Genevieve R. | Baltimore County Community College

Student Testimonial

About RecoverySelect

At ECSI we help your institution expedite and increase recovery of account receivables while decreasing workloads. We do it through a proven formula of technology and strong student engagement that gets immediate results.  Our solution is paired with our student advocates who are devoted to preserving the relationships between the student and the institution.  Along with a deep integration to your Student Information System and third-party collection agencies our robust software provides workflow automation and offers a comprehensive hands-off approach for your staff. By integrating and automating, we dramatically speed up a traditionally slow, manual process.

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We seamlessly integrate to your ERP/Student Information systems and third-party collection agencies. This means that you can enjoy a hands-off approach for your staff.  Our powerful software enables process and workflow automation, from beginning to end.  We simplify complex data with a dashboard that gives you instant clarity of all your past due student accounts,.


We're driven to help your institutions and students succeed. Our data validation, predictive modeling and 9 interactions in 90-days ensures all students are engaged early, resulting in faster recovery of funds. We treat students with respect -- which leads to student retention and better student outcomes.

Student Advocates

Fully trained student advocates that assist students in finding the best option to pay their past due tuition account in full.

Payment Plans

Offering your students flexible payment plans that help them meet their financial obligations and fit into their budget.

Online Payments

Students can pay their balances using our simple payment platform by credit card, debit card, or from their checking or savings account.


Our proven account resolution process is a benchmark for higher education that adds significant funds to your bottom line. With our centralized hub for securing PII data, we help your institution minimize risks while remaining in compliance with ever-changing regulations. Our approach generates an additional 50 percent recovery on past due accounts, a decrease in workloads and return on investment in as little as three months.